‘DfE Validated’ No Nonsense Phonics

by Debbie Hepplewhite MBE FRSA

We are delighted to announce that No Nonsense Phonics has been fully validated by the DfE as of July 2021

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Using No Nonsense Phonics Books
No Nonsense Starter Kit

What’s in the No Nonsense Phonics Skills Starter Kit?

  • 6 copies of each of the 9 Pupil Books (54 books)
  • Teacher Book for each of the 9 Pupil Books with guidance and comprehension questions for the 109 Mini Stories presented throughout the 9 Pupil Books
  • 6 copies of laminated A4 tabletop alphabetic code chart
  • USB stick containing additional resources
Note: The content of the Pupil Books is suitable for children aged 4+ up to approximately 9 years of age (when used for intervention purposes). Learn More

What’s on the USB stick – FREE with the Starter Kit?

  • Video guidance
  • Guidance ‘How to use the supporting material’
  • Correlation Charts (National Curriculum for English KS1 and KS2; Letters and Sounds, DfES 2007)
  • Entry Point Assessment resources
  • Giant Alphabetic Code Chart
  • Giant Alphabet Poster
  • Mini (tabletop) Alphabet
  • Colour-coded Frieze Cards for each level
  • Colour-coded additional Word Posters for each level
  • Say the Sounds Posters
Additional FREE Complementary Resources

What other resources are available for No Nonsense Phonics?

While you can print off additional resources from the No Nonsense Phonics Skills Starter Kit s USB stick for FREE, we also supply a full range of hard-copy, ready-made resources:

Additionally, we are adding to our new series of decodable ‘Phonics Reading Books’ which is an exciting development! See also our two incremental ‘Phonics and Talk Time’ books for 3 to 4 year olds. Visit the shop for full descriptions and pricing. Ready-made Resources to Buy

Parent and Tutor Packs

For the convenience of home-schooling parents and tutors, we have created easy-to-order ‘packs’. These include a copy of the ‘No Nonsense Phonics Skills’ Pupil Books and Teacher Books, Mini Code Cards of the letter/s-sound correspondences featured in each Pupil Book, A4 Alphabet and Alphabetic Code Chart, and the Phonics Reading Books of the featured code.

Parent and Tutor Packs

Phonics Reading Books

Our Phonics Reading Books series is available as hard-copy books and via an ‘Ebookshelf’.

The ebook platform enables class teachers to share the content on large scale screens with groups and whole classes for: 1) learners’ decoding (phonics) practice and; 2) to enrich learners’ vocabulary and develop their language comprehension. Hard Copy Phonics Reading Books Phonics Reading Ebooks

Wand Phonics

The ‘Phonics Reading Books’ are also aligned with the ‘Wand Phonics’ digital, interactive programme (written by Debbie Hepplewhite and published by Wand Education). ‘Wand Phonics’ has full audio and is validated by the DfE when used in a ‘blended’ way with ‘No Nonsense Phonics’ and/or the ‘Phonics International’ programmes.

Wand Phonics


We have many testimonials for No Nonsense Phonics – please feel free to investigate more on ‘Debbie Hepplewhite’s Literacy Blog’ –  click on the link below.

More Testimonials

“We have been using No Nonsense Phonics for two years and absolutely love them. The materials are a fantastic, easy to use resource for both adults and children alike. The children thoroughly enjoy using the books and look forward to their daily phonics lesson with great anticipation. We particularly like the focus not only on the sounds but on the handwriting and it has had a dramatic impact on the progress that the children have made this year. The books are easy to follow and are clearly set out. The children’s confidence has soared using No Nonsense Phonics and this can be seen in both their reading and writing.

Liz Day
Senior Leader

“Upon first using the NNP materials it became apparent how much harder the children were working in their phonics lessons – and they loved it! Secondly, we were interested in adopting a systematic synthetic phonics programme which supported children’s early reading but also developed handwriting and spelling – the approach of NNP certainly addresses all of these areas. For teaching staff, No Nonsense Phonics and Phonics International have provided everything they need to deliver high quality and consistent phonic lessons across EYFS and KS1 and KS2, from pupil books, wall friezes, flash cards and display materials which are used across school to create consistent learning environments and provide support for children’s reading and spelling across the curriculum…

Since adopting NNP and PI we have seen a significant increase in our children’s phonic scores, moving from 50% passing the PSC in 2019 to now having 89% on track to pass this year. We have also seen a significant increase in many children’s reading ages with an average progress of 5 months in the first 6 weeks of using the programme due to the children reading more quality decodable texts daily.”
Gavin Morris
Primary and special needs teacher

“A highly skilled and experienced EYFS teacher told me she had ‘fallen in love with phonics teaching again’ after working with Debbie and seeing what it can achieve for children. Our phonics screening check results rose from 78% in 2017 to 94% in 2018.

NNP incorporates not only a systematic approach to teaching phonics that is consistent, precise and effective but it is ambitious in terms of the richness of the language. Our curriculum is inspired by high quality texts and reading for pleasure, and NNP encourages children’s curiosity about new vocabulary. We very soon began to see the impact not only in terms of pupil outcomes in reading and phonics but also improvements in letter formation and the quality of children’s narrative writing… Our children love their phonics lessons – when asked what they enjoy learning about in Reception and Year 1, ‘phonics’ is the most common response! In terms of day to day teaching, the routines are quickly and easily established and children respond incredibly well to the structure and familiarity of the programme.”
Rachel Field

See the full range of hard-copy resources in our online shop.

Our Awesome Team

Phonics International Ltd is a small family business with an outstanding online reputation internationally. Don’t let the word ‘small’ be any cause for concern. We’ve been around for many years providing free help and support for teachers, tutors and parents around the world as well as producing leading-edge, DfE accredited phonics programmes and resources.

Debbie Hepplewhite MBE FRSA

No Nonsense Phonics programme author, trainer and consultant

Internationally renowned for her knowledge and expertise in the field of foundational literacy, Debbie has crafted yet more magic with the No Nonsense Phonics programme.

Debbie is also the author of the online DfE-validated Free Phonics International programme for all ages, the Wand Phonics (Wand Education) interactive, digital platform that can be used to complement both the No Nonsense Phonics and Phonics International programmes, and the self-study Phonics Training Online course.


Managing Director of Phonics International Ltd……and admin assistant!

David will be your first port of call on most occasions should you have any questions of a ‘technical’ nature. He isn’t fooled into believing he’s equipped to answer your ‘educational’ questions though –  and will pass them on to Debbie like hot potatoes to ensure that you get the correct expert advice every time.


Strategist and consultant

The newest addition to our team, Gavin’s forensic brain is helping to keep the Phonics International ship on course!

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